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Have you ever looked at your daily activities looking for patterns? Do you wake up every day and do the exact same things as yesterday, eat the same breakfast, take the same cup of coffee, leave for work the exact same time without even thinking so much about it? It’s strange how habits rule our lives and that’s a good thing most of the times. Habits make sure our brain gets busy with more important things than trivial everyday activities, like if you should take a cup of coffee or tea the first thing in the morning, if to eat eggs or oats for breakfast or just in which order to do the mundane things.

I know I’m doing a lot of things as routines, especially in the mornings. Every day, my morning routine looks almost the same. The only variations come when I’m home for the weekend and it’s not because I wake up later. It’s because I don’t need to get ready for work :P.
I’ve noticed that habits are the key to implementing new routines.

Remember my meditation goal I had last month, the goal that I hadn’t reached? The thing is that I hadn’t put a routine in place for that habit. I thought I should meditate sometimes during the day, and I did remember to do that a couple of times. Most of the times, the day had passed and I had totally forgotten about the meditation. What I need to do is to find a time spot during the day when I can meditate and make sure that I’m doing that. Here are some possible time slots for meditation:

  • first thing in the morning
  • after my yoga in the morning
  • after the breakfast or the dinner
  • before I go to bed

What I’ve noticed is that it’s easier to form habits around the morning or evening routines. I think it’s mostly because during the weekdays, I’m at work and I have completely different routines at work than at home.

I actually love habits, as long as they push me in the right direction :)


  • I agree with you that it’s easier to form habits in the morning. I have a lot which stems from having a dog, marley. Some habits are good, some are bad. It depends.

    • Ina

      Oh, I love the morning habits. They are the best :) Having a dog definitely introduces new habits to the old ones. I have a cat and I have habits around her too, so I totally know what you mean ^_^.

  • Repetitive habits are good if you’re not hurting yourself or anything. You make a point that habits are the key to implementing new routines! In order to make things actually happen, you need to put it on your regular to-do list. Hopefully, you’ll find some time to meditate! I know I can’t get personal work done when I’m working so I push things aside to either the morning or evening as well *o*.


    • Ina

      Totally agree that habits are good if you’re not hurting yourself. Also, putting habits on your to-do list is a must :)

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