My name is Ina and I live in Sweden together with my spouse and my cat Maja.

About goals

I’ve always had goals of different kinds and they have helped me to achieve some of my biggest dreams, like getting the right education, starting Taekwondo at the age of 30 and getting my black belt at the age of 36, writing and publishing books and so on.

Work and pleasure

Right now, I’m working as an engineer at one of the largest companies in Sweden. In my spare time, I try to eat as healthy and clean as possible and I exercise every day.

I also enjoy writing. I’ve written a series of cat books under the pen name April W. Beck, that are released on Amazon, and more is on the way. After the cat stories, I’m going to release a series of ghost stories. I’m having a lot of fun writing right now, that’s for sure.

Setting goals have been a huge part of my life. I’ve used goals to change my reality, and I still am. I enjoy setting goals, I enjoy achieving them and I enjoy personal growth. I’ve started this blog to partly document my journey on my way to achieving my goals, and partly to share with you the strategies that I use along the way, both the ones that are working for me and the ones that aren’t.


I’m also interested in minimalism, trying to adopt as much of the concepts that I can. Business and passive income have been one of my latest area of interests and I’m learning as much as I can every day that passes by. I’m also enjoying music and photography.

Don’t be a stranger

I love hearing from you so please, leave me a message at ina {at} goalsbyina.com whenever you feel like it.
You can also reach me on twitter.

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