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I was taking a walk the other day while thinking about goal setting. The subject is so diverse and close to me that I feel like I could write about this forever. Goals are part of my everyday life and while I’m not always reaching my goals, I love the process and I love getting better at both goal setting and at achieving them.

One of this month’s goals is to publish a compilation of short stories called “Cat Stories” that will contain six cat stories, several of them already published on Amazon. The series has grown bigger than I had anticipated and I now want to gather all these stories together.

But then I have other goals for this month, like starting this blog and creating awesome content for it :) But wait, that’s not all. I also have health and fitness goals, and educational goals. Then I started to wonder:

How many goals should one set? Can one set too many goals? Can one set too few?”

Then I realized that it’s not the number of goals that matters. It all depends on the type of your goals and the step between where you are and where you want to be. For example, if you want to learn to speak French, Spanish and Italian during the next year and you cannot speak any of them right now, then you might want to narrow down your goals to maybe only focus on one of the languages first.

Let’s take a look at my goal of releasing the “Cat Stories” during June. How big is the step between where I am now and the release of the book? Well, not too big, yet not that small either. All of the stories are already written, some of them are even finished and released on Amazon as stand-alone stories and some are in the process of editing after the “beta reader”. After my final editing I’ll have to send the stories to an editor, compile the book, write the blurb and release it. The process isn’t quick, but it’s still something that I know that I am going to find time for during June.

You have to have a balance between the amount of time your goal is going to take to be achieved and the number of goals you set. Setting a hundred of small, easy to achieve goals could be just as right for you as setting one huge goal for the same period of time. I prefer several smaller goals that are challenging enough for me to be engaged in them. I might even break down a larger goal into several smaller ones just to feel the joy of finishing something more often.

One should never be afraid to set huge goals. If you see that you’ve misjudged the time it takes for you to achieve your goal, you can just adjust your goal along the way. Break it down into smaller units and plan them over a longer period of time.

Types of goals

When setting your goals, think about the different areas in your life that you want to improve and choose the ones that are most important to you or make the greatest impact in your life. Setting too many goals in the same segment may be discouraging when you realize that you have to eventually let go of a couple of them to be able to succeed with at least one. You might want to consider, but not be restricted to the following categories:

  • health/fitness
  • education
  • work
  • free-time activities
  • vacation
  • family time
  • finances
  • blogging
  • social media

You won’t need to set a goal in each category, but as I said above, it’s a good thing to only set one major goal at the time in each category. When choosing the categories, go with the ones that are closest or most important to you.

For example, you might dream of taking a vacation in France or earn a certain amount of money or get fitter during the year. In that case, you should focus on setting one goal in each of the following categories: Vacation, Finances and Health/Fitness.

That’s how I’ve chosen goals in the following four categories: work, blogging, health/fitness and education.

My goals for June are:


Work Release the book “Cat Stories” on Amazon
Blogging Start this blog
Health/Fitness Meditate every day
Education Learn more about health


Your goals

I would love to hear which types of goals you have set for June. How many goals do you have for this month?

Goal Categories

To help you with your goal setting, I have done a simple sheet with goal categories where you can write down your own goals.

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