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It’s been almost a week since I posted my last blog post and life has been more or less chaotic, despite my attempts of planing towards my goals so let’s talk about distractions today. So, you’ve set your goals, you’ve made a plan, you’ve started your journey towards your goal, but something happens along the way. Something that seems more urgent, that you just need to take care of before you can go on with your day. Maybe it’s the phone that rings that leads you into a conversation, taking you away from continuing with your tasks. Or maybe you reach out to check facebook for an “important” update, or just any update. It could also be a TV show that you follow that is coming up in just ten minutes, or that you notice that you need to do the dishes. The list can go on and on.

Many times something similar happens to me, but I discovered that the most important way to deal with distractions is to have a clear image of my goal.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Yes, that’s how I do it. I have the goals, the tasks, and above all, the desired end result in front of me as a way of reminding myself of the most important thing right now. I use my habit tracker to check my progression throughout the day and I focus on my desired outcome.

Let’s take the writing example. One of my goals this month is to release the compilation of cat stories, also named “Cat Stories” on Amazon. If you haven’t seen it, I’ve described my process of putting together a book here. Right now, I’m on step 5 where my stories are already sent to an editor. I also have the cover. Yeah, I haven’t followed the order exactly, but sometimes one has to be flexible. If I can do a step that’s further down the road now, then I’ll do it.

While waiting for my story to come back I can do other tasks concerning this book, like writing a blurb and putting together the pieces that are already edited.

So, how do I keep my eyes on the prize in this example?

I keep the picture of my cover in a place where I can see it as often as possible. I also put the book project as a task in my habit tracker and I make sure I do something to progress on this goal every day. One tiny step towards your goal can go a long way if those tiny steps are repeated often enough.

What can you do?

One of the most powerful ways of avoid distractions is to write down your most important goal/goals on a piece of paper and to place it where you can see it all the time. Take that piece of paper with you, take a look at it as often as you can, reminding yourself of what’s important. That way, that facebook update, that TV show, all those distractions start to seem less important and less appealing. Unless TV is on your list as a goal for that month, then you should definitely watch the TV :)

I actually have a “watch” goal on my habit tracker. It’s not TV though:) I’m aiming on watching around 20 minutes of health videos each day on Youtube, as a way of expanding my knowledge about how the human body works optimally.

Let me know down below if you would like to see a list of my favorite health channels.


  • I agree that keeping your eyes on the prize is a great way to combat distractions. I know I always kept my eyes on the diploma when I was still in school. It’s good that you’re trying to learn about how the human body works. Good health is essential!

    • Ina

      Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! I really appreciate it.

      You’ve chosen a great prize to keep your eyes on. Education is really important. Health too, I totally agree :)

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