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As the June month has come to its end, it’s a good thing to review what has worked during the last month and what hasn’t. Reviewing ones goals is an important part of the goal achieving process and it should be done often. The trends are easy to spot if you start looking for them early, after the goal setting process and it should be easy to correct the actions toward the goals when you see that something is going in the wrong direction. Ideally, the goals should be reviewed once or twice a day, preferably both in the morning and in the evening. Have I done that? Not really. It’s so easy to know what to do, but if you don’t have habits in place that make sure that you do what you are supposed to do, you’re going to fail.

The June Goals

I’ve set four goals for June, wondering at the same time if four goals were too many. Let’s take a look at how it went.

Work – Release the book “Cat Stories” on Amazon

Even though this one was close to being ready from the beginning, the editing took a little longer than I had expected. I managed to get this one done in time, even if I was a little worried towards the end that I wouldn’t make it. That was because I traveled unexpectedly with my job towards the end of the month. But, the book is live now at Amazon. Yay!

Blogging – Start this blog

Well, the blog is up and running and even if I wish I would have written more blog posts for it, I’m still happy that I have already started it.

Health/Fitness – Meditate every day

I failed this one big time. I think “every day” made this goal difficult. Even if I want to meditate every day, I should aim for 80% of the days or so. What happened is that while I missed a couple of days already in the beginning, I saw that the “every day” goal was already ruined and I didn’t continue with it. This is a goal that I will transition to the next month and modify it a little bit.

Education – Learn more about health

I’ve been watching youtube videos about health almost every day I was at home. It’s so interesting to learn how the body works, how to fuel the body with the right food to function properly, to learn the importance of the sleep and so on. I will continue with this goal throughout the July or maybe for a very long time. This goal should be transformed into a habit.

The July Goals

July is quite special. It’s my vacation month (starting soon) and a lot of my habits will temporarily change. I need to have goals that will be aligned with all the traveling that we are planning to do. The goals are:

Health/Fitness – Meditate regularly

So I’ve changed this goal from every day to regularly this month. I need to find a way of meditation every day, yet not be discouraged if I miss a day or two. I know that the best way of doing this is to meditate right before or after doing a certain thing that I’m already doing, I just need to find what that thing is. Does this work better in the morning? In the evening?
Do you meditate regularly and if yes, when do you do it? I would need some tips for this one :)

Education – Learn more about health

I’ll be continuing watching youtube videos, reading/listening to books or podcasts throughout the month. This is the easiest of the goals so far.

Home – Declutter

This is a big one for me. I usually don’t take enough time to declutter and things pile up, taking spaces they shouldn’t. We are also looking for buying a house and having less stuff to move, stuff that we don’t really need anyway, would simplify the move for us in the future. I’m aiming for 15 minutes a day the days we are home this month.

Vacation – Take a camping trip

Yes, we’ve done this for years and we still love camping. The locations have varied throughout the years and this year I think we are going to camp along the West Coast of Sweden. We did that last year too, and we got in love with a couple of places that we want to revisit.
I hope for a relaxing yet fulfilling vacation this year and I think it’s going to be a good one.
What are your goals for July?


  • Congratulations again on getting the book up on Amazon! It seems like you’ve been starting on your goals a bit. Good luck with your goals for July! The camping trip sounds exciting! I think my biggest thing is to spend less money this month XD.


    • Ina

      Thank you Nancy! I’m really looking forward to the camping trip :)
      Spend less money sounds like a great goal for July. Good luck with it :)

  • It’s always good to review what your goals for the month or months will be. My goal is simply enjoying life a bit more and not taking the peacefulness for granted, plus I always have my Yellow Labrador Marley to keep me busy.

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