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We are already one week into the new month and today it’s my first day at work. July has passed unbelievably fast but now I’m ready for a new work year. I actually love fall and I think it’s my favorite season. It’s always been because of the new beginnings that fall offers. Back in the days at school I had a new chance to do my best and I loved that feeling. Now it’s the same. I love revisiting my goals for the year, adjusting them if necessary and starting to work at achieving them.

The July goals

I’ve only had four goals for July so let’s take a look at how it went.

Health/Fitness – Meditate regularly

This goal seems to be one of my most difficult to achieve. Being away from home almost the entire month (I’ve only been at home for about two days, to water my plants, check the post and so on) I’ve found it difficult to stay on track with a habit that I haven’t quite formed yet. I did meditate a couple of times but I can’t say it was regularly. This goal will be once again moved to the next month which is August.

Education – Learn more about health

I’ve been listening to youtube videos, podcasts and I’ve read on book about how the hormones affect the body. It’s been really interesting and I’m planning on continuing having this goal this month too.

Home – Declutter

I love decluttering even if I don’t do it often enough. I did declutter though this month the few days I was at home. I’ve also felt the urge to continue because clutter really bothers me and I need to get better at letting go of things.

Vacation – Taking a camping trip

We’ve taking a really inspiring camping trip visiting the West Coast of Sweden this summer. We’ve visited location like Strömstad, Tanum, Grebbesta, Fjällbacka, Smögen, Lysekil and finally one of our favorites Båstad. I would love to revisit some of the places the next summer.

The August goals

Even if we are already one week into this month I still feel I need to share with you the goals for this month. This time I need to concentrate on meditation so I’ll make that goal a priority.

Health/Fitness – Meditate Regularly

Yes, I need to fix this goal this month. I’ve been already starting to meditate and I hope to be able to continue with it. I’ll let you know at the end of the month how that went.

Education – Learn more about health

This is one of the fun goals for this month. I love learning more about health, how things affect my body and why. This goal stays for August too.

Work – Release the book Cat stories for print

I’ll be dedicating this month to prepare the book for print and I’m looking forward to do that.

I wish you a great month and I hope your goals for August are already on track. Let me know how it’s going in the comments down below.

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